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Fishy Benedict Arnold: a First Attempt

So, I’m currently on a work schedule that has me working primarily in the evening. Yesterday, I realized that this schedule provides me with a golden opportunity to make delicious breakfast foods and post about them here. I’ve recently begun … Continue reading

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Three Steaks: The Ballad of the Cast Iron Skillet

So I’ve been sitting on these photos and food experiences for quite a while now. I apologize to keep all two or three of you who actually want to read my ramblings waiting, but I promise that it’s gonna be … Continue reading

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Musings, Rants, and Seafood

Hi gang. For my next trick, I return to a technique that I am much more familiar with: pan-searing and sauteing. This was inspired by the thank-you gift provided by my landlords for helping to take care of their cats … Continue reading

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Munching on Beer Bread as I Emerge From My Internet Cave

Okay, check it: I have been living in an internet cave, so to speak. I’ve seen the shadows on the cave walls being cast by the blinding and┬ámesmerizing light of the major aggregate┬ásites flickering for some time now, and now … Continue reading

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